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Comprehensive package of services for all types of planned and unplanned maintenance

Installation and testing of plants and machinery. We guarantee the best performance in terms of efficiency, safety and professionalism
About Us

We help your business to be modern and technologically advanced

Vladitec proposes itself as the only interlocutor for all the needs of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, installation and testing of plants and machinery, and it guarantees the best performance in terms of efficiency, safety and professionalism.
Thanks to a decade of experience and a widespread presence on the territory with two logistic-operative offices in Italy and Germany, we guarantee interventions within 24/48 hours throughout Europe. Our team is also able to quickly identify the cause of any fault and solve the problem in short times, minimizing the costs due to the blockage of a machinery and / or production line, guaranteeing savings in terms of time and money.

Ten years field experience

Interventions in 24/48 hours throughout Europe and the world

Expert and qualified team composed of technicians, engineers and programmers

International and multilingual team (Italian, English, Russian, Spanish, German)